Parnell Calls Young’s Fuel Tax Proposal Disturbing

Lieutenant Governor and candidate for Congress Sean Parnell took issue with Don
Young’s proposal for a $1 fuel tax calling it disturbing.

“The incumbent wants to pile on more taxes at a time when Alaskans are already
suffering from incredibly high fuel costs,” said Parnell. “This is just one more example
of how out of touch he is with Alaskans and the economy in general.”

Parnell noted that the incumbent’s proposal would bring pain to everyone across Alaska.

“People are already on the edge right now,” said Parnell. “Whether someone is on a
fixed income, or lives out in rural Alaska, or commutes to work everyday, their jaws must
be on the floor as they listen to someone proposing a huge increase in fuel taxes. Voters
are taxed enough already and his proposal just leaves you shaking your head.”

Parnell commented that the incumbent should take a hard look at how he’s spending
taxpayer money instead of asking Alaskans to give even more. He challenged the
incumbent on the interests he’s actually serving with a tax increase.

“Evidently, he’s accused Congress of “pandering to the public” and I have to wonder just
who else does he work for if not Alaskans?” asked Parnell.

Last month, Parnell sent an “Alaskan Taxpayer Protection” pledge to the group,
Americans for Tax Reform (ATR). ATR is a Washington D.C. organization that works
to bring tax relief to Americans and to reduce the number of times the same money is

Parnell said at that time that he took the pledge to oppose any and all efforts to increase
the marginal tax rates for individuals and businesses.

“I want Alaskans to keep more of their hard earned dollars, while I go after wasteful
government spending. Congress should not be asking Alaskans to dig deeper into their